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 Once I was at a convention in L.A.  for my transportation company and they informed me all the top leaders of the trailer industry would be there. It was a huge banquet room where people would congregate and discuss new developments in the long haul business. As I mingled and talked to various people, I noticed  that the interaction and conversations became a little weird. I assumed that these people were the top in the field and would demonstrate a degree of intelligence and acumen. Well, I was wrong.  All they demonstrated  was a  ample amount of stupidity over the course of the evening. It wasn’t  simply  stupidity ,but out and out backwardness. It didn’t add up or make sense. How could these people be the leaders in their field with statements like, “ TACO BELL? AIN’T THAT THERE THAT NEW MEXICAN PHONE COMPANY  OVER THERE IN BLACKROCK?”” YEP, BELIEVE SO”, answered the other. I said to myself, let me mingle further to see if it gets better. It didn’t  because the next conversation I overhead went something like this: “Yeh,  grandpa died and left his entire inheritance to his widow. But damn it, she can’t touch it until she’s fourteen.” Another overheard pearl of wisdom:” yep, Zeke, education is a great thing. Don’t mind tellin you that sixth grade was the best  5 years of my life.Me and mom were in the same Home Room together  or “You know, Clem, I was ridin down interstate 95 and a state trooper stop me for going too slow. He said,Let me have your I.D”. my I.D?.,I  said, Bout what? Another gem, “You know Jeb, I suffered a big loss in the market bout 3 years ago. Yeh, it was terrible. A dang garbage truck hit my fruit stand and on top of that I got a fine for literin the road with peach pits.

I couldn’t take anymore of this, so I headed for the door when a man approached me and said, ”Where’s  the  Dom  Perignon?  I said,” Over by the bar.”” He said, Gees, I thought  they  arrested that big time Mafia boss.” When I read the sign outside the banquet room ,which was initially overlooked, I understood why I was in the wrong place. It read, “ JETHRO SUGGENS  FAMILY TRAILER CAMP REUNION”.




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